Top Tips for Runners

Running is a great way to keep your body fit. It also increases the quality of your overall health. Many runners have found this activity to be beneficial in boosting their immune system. Having a healthy immune system makes it easier for the body to protect itself from infection and other illnesses. When running, however, you need to keep your body properly hydrated to ensure that you can maximize the benefits that such an activity will provide you. That can easily be done if you will bring the best water bottle for running.

There are other things that you will need to consider if you intend to include this activity in your regular training. Consider these tips to make sure that you will reap the most benefits every time you run.

  • Do not be in rush. Starting slow will allow your body to get in the pace properly. You can start off by walking to warm-up your system. This will encourage your body system (especially your heart) to be in the rhythm as you pick up your pace after the warm up, thus lowering the level of energy that you exert. As a result, you get to conserve your resources for the end of your workout and lessen heat build-up.
  • Wear the proper gear. Wearing loose-fitting, light-colored clothing is the way to go when you want to run. Note that these type of clothes allow heat to be released out of your body quicker. Find clothes that are made of synthetic materials that can wick some of the perspiration away from your skin. This will ensure that there will be less chafing and you will feel cool a lot quicker.
  • Drink cold water. Experts reveal that cold water leaves the stomach of quicker. It also produces a slight physiological cooling effect as well as an even greater psychological cooling effect.
  • You’ll need to cool down in between runs. Incorporate five to 10 minutes of light jogging/walking when you head out to run as this will slowly decrease your body temperature and remove toxins from your working muscles. You may also do some stretching while having a water break as this can also be an appropriate way to cool down. Doing these will help your muscles to relax and increase their range of movements.
  • Be alert when you are on the road. Make sure that you are not wearing anything with headphones as this will make it difficult for you to hear the approaching traffic. This is also a sure way that you can keep your eyes and ears on the road and not on what is running on your device.
  • Watch your posture as you run. Good posture is a crucial element when running. It helps you to move more efficiently and also avoid injury. While running, you need to make sure that your spine is kept straight, while the shoulders are kept back and slightly leaning forward. You also need to keep your body relaxed while keeping your mind focused on the track. Make sure that you don’t make any unnecessary movements as this will negatively affect your performance. It is extremely important that you keep the muscle group that you are using while running relaxed.
  • Set your own pace. Don’t go faster than you can go without straining or overextending yourself. You have to listen to your body and run at a pace that will be most comfortable for you.
  • Don’t push yourself, especially if you already have injuries. You can easily recover from an injury if you use the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) method. Running when you are already injured can only make your condition worse.
  • Run with a group. It will be more fun to run with other runners, especially if you don’t enjoy running alone. As you run with them, you get to use the time talking with them, hence you will feel lighter and may even forget that you are running or have already been running for some time. Running with like-minded enthusiasts will also allow you to learn from them.
  • Incorporate speed work in your a normal run. Speed work will train you to run faster than your normal pace. You do this by running intervals of shorter distances at a pace faster than you normally do.
  • Do rhythmic breathing technique as you run. Breathing in cadence simply means that you will pair your breathing with the movement of your feet to the ground. Remember that when you get to train your respiratory muscles to be more efficient, it can reduce their need for oxygen. The excess oxygen can then be used by the muscles that you are using at the moment to run. To do this technique, you just need to breathe in or out the same time that your dominant foot touches the ground.
  • Eat light. Consuming a heavy meal may just put extra stress on your body when you are training or running. Consider eating light snacks that are easy to digest every hour or two instead. This will also add hydration that your body needs to keep going without feeling fatigued as these foods can replace the electrolytes that you lose while you run.
  • Do not take painkillers. If you still would like to exercise while you have injuries, you can do less strenuous activities such as riding on a stationary bike or go swimming, and so on just to maintain your fitness level. But then again, you should never disregard your injury. You should make it a point to use the RICE method to let your body recover quicker.
  • Keep your body properly hydrated. Bringing the best water bottle for running will make it easier for you to hydrate regularly while you are on the move. You may also plan your route where water sources are plentiful. This will allow you to rest for a while, take bathroom breaks, and have that much-needed drink. Remember that the quality of your performance will be greatly affected if you choose to voluntarily dehydrate. To ensure that you stay hydrated, set your wristwatch timer to remind you when it is time to drink. Experts indicate that you cannot just rely on your thirst since by that time you are already dehydrated.

To get the most benefits from your activity, you will need to consider these safety precautions.

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